The Goal: Plant 100 New Churches In Ten Years

Back in 1996, Allison Park Church helped to plant its first church.  Fifteen years later, over ten churches have been planted (mostly in the Pittsburgh area) and a MULTI-CHURCH network (MCM Network) has been formed where pastors and leaders connect, receive coaching and coordinate outreach and ministry together.

Over the past few months, we have sensed God speaking to us about the future.  What  should be our church planting goal as we move forward?  What should be our strategy?

  • It seemed logical to believe that we could continue to plant churches at the rate of one new church per year over the next ten years.  We have operated at about that pace in the past.
  • One of the churches planted (CityReach Church) has also begun to reproduce.  There are now three churches that are part of the CityReach Church Network.   Maybe we could believe with them for one a year out of their planting efforts?

A logical church planting goal would have been to attempt to plant 25 churches in the next ten years.  That seems like it could be doable based on our past track record.

But God spoke to us about believing for a GOD-SIZED number of  new churches.

This is where the 100 Church Goal comes from.  We are believing that God will enable us to plant 100 new churches within the next ten years.  This website is designed to help us communicate about these plans, celebrate churches that are being planted, and recruit people into the process.

There are some links provided to give you more information if you would like to get involved.  We will do our best to keep you posted about things as God provides.


What Difference Does A New Church Make?

This is a story of a woman named Patty.  She lived across the street from the location where ELEMENT CHURCH now meets for worship, in Millvale, PA.  Element Church was planted out of Allison Park Church several years ago (it was church plant #8).

When Patty arrived at Element Church, she has some obvious needs.  The primary one was the need to break free from a cycle of pain that was centered in her use of illegal drugs.  So Pastor Rich Jones referred Patty to CITYREACH CHURCH in the North Side of Pittsburgh, PA.

CityReach Church was the seventh church planted by Allison Park Church.  Pastor Brian Bolt established not only this great church, but HOPE HOMES which help provide a way for men and women to recovery from various addictions.

Patty not only found Jesus as her savior through the ministry of these new churches.  She also is now drug-free.  She is being used by God as a Director in one of the WOMEN’S HOPE HOMES.  None of this would have happened without the planting of these two new churches.  Watch her story below:

What Is A Campus Pastor?

As Allison Park Church plants it’s first CAMPUS – a new role is emerging, which is the role of CAMPUS PASTOR.  This pastor is one who works as a part of the Pastoral Team of APC.  Their responsibility is to assist the Lead Pastor of APC, in  pastoring the people who make the new campus (West Deer) their home.

Tim and Kristy Spencer have agreed to serve as the Campus Pastor of the West Deer location.  Tim has served in pastoral ministry in several churches prior to coming to APC.  For the last few years, Tim and Kristy has served as some of our best Small Group Leaders and have an amazing gift of  caring for and equipping those that they lead.

On Wednesday nights, currently, the Spencers lead a small group that has become the LAUNCH TEAM for this new campus.  Those who are part of this Team are preparing themselves to fill a role in the organization of this new site.

Right now, we are the process of looking at some potential facilities.  Soon we may have some news regarding where, exactly, this Campus will be and when, specifically, the Campus will officially launch.  Exciting times are ahead!



Planting A Campus Of Allison Park Church

One of the endeavors we are pursuing as part of the 100Church vision is to reproduce ‘campuses’ as well as ‘churches’.  What’s is a CAMPUS?

  • One church in several locations.
  • It’s like starting an additional Sunday morning service, but in a different facility in new area.
  • It’s the same worship set, the same children’s ministry, the same message,  the same church culture.  Yet it is in a new location.

There is a very common term for this explosive trend in the church world today:  a Multi-Site Church.

Sometime in 2012, Allison Park Church will plant its first CAMPUS.  We have planted many CHURCHES (which soon begin to independently function with their own approach to ministry, a unique vision, etc.  These CHURCHES that we have planted are still related to each other in partnership.  What have done with this approach is something that I have come to call:  a Multi-Church Movement (MCM).

Both approaches are valid ways of Kingdom expansion.  We want this 100Church Vision to represent both/and (not either/or).  We want to reproduce ministry in any way we can.  So we will do both Multi-Church and Multi-Site in our pursuit of Kingdom expansion.

Our first attempt this will be in WEST DEER, PA.  We are currently searching for facilities in this region that is northeast of where APC is currently located.   Our goal is to plant this Campus somewhere between Route 8 and Route 28 (moving toward Harmarville or Cheswick).

Hopefully, we will have more to report soon.

The Boston Church Planting Team

Planting In Boston

We are so excited to be partnering with the McNaughton family as they put things in motion to plant a church in Boston, MA.  David McNaughton, currently works with the CHURCH MULTIPLICATION NETWORK and resides in Dallas, TX.  He has tons of experience in helping to resource church planters.

Years ago, David planted a church in the Boston area, and now God has called him to return and help facilitate not only the planting of this church, but the establishment of a church planting Network in that region of the country.


His son Caleb (pictured far left) will be the Lead Pastor of the first church planted in Boston in this effort.  The name of this new church is THE LINK (check out their website here).  Caleb is an amazing young man, with excellent leadership abilities.  He has been a Student Ministries Pastor for the past few years.

In January 2012, Caleb will move to Pittsburgh, PA to spend some time with us and pick up on the church planting DNA we have established here.  Then in May 2012, he will relocate to Boston, MA to begin the process of launching this first church.

David’s son-in-law, Ryne (pictured far right) will also be a critical part of this church planting network.  He is seeking to establish a non-profit ministry (called THE HUB) that will equip the church to serve the community in very tangible ways.

Pray for what God is doing in the Boston region!

CityReach Church – Cleveland

Church Plant #2: CityReach Church Cleveland

The second church plant on the horizon in our 100 Church vision is a church that will be planted in the inner city of Cleveland, Ohio.  This church is targeted to hold its Grand Opening sometime in the spring of 2012.   There are so many things to celebrate regarding this specific plant.

  • IT’S A GRAND-DAUGHTER CHURCH – Allison Park Church was the parent church that helped to plant CITYREACH CHURCH in Pittsburgh, pastored by Brian Bolt.  CityReach Church is now a reproducing (MULTI-CHURCH MOVEMENT).  They have planted churches in Braddock and Reading, PA.  Cleveland is their third church plant.
  • JUSTIN AND SUZIE WERE RAISED AT ALLISON PARK CHURCH – It’s wonderful to see young men and women who were born and raised in a church – go out and make a difference in the world.  The Maslanka’s served for several years as Assistant Pastors  (Justin) and Worship Leader (Suzie) under Brian Bolt.  Now they launch out to begin this new church.
  • THE FOCUS IS ON REACHING ‘THE ONE’ – This church, like all of the CITYREACH CHURCHES, has a focus on reaching out to those with urban areas that have some of the most severe life controlling problems.  CityReach Church Cleveland in already in process in starting MEN’S AND WOMEN’S RECOVERY HOMES where people who are dealing with various addictions can enter a program and experience the life changing power of Jesus.

CityReach Church Cleveland truly represents the future vision for church planting within the MCM Network.  The only way this church planting movement becomes VIRAL is for churches that have been planted to begin to reproduce.  The goal in planting these 100CHURCHES is not that all 100 would be planted out of Allison Park Church.

The goal is for churches that have planted – now to begin to plant.  Pray for CITYREACH CHURCH CLEVELAND as they prepare for their launch this coming spring.